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Unlike the recent state election,you’ll need to number every box on the House of Reps ballot paper.

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I’m Huw Kingston, small business owner, adventurer and writer. I have lived in the town of Bundanoon, in the Hume electorate, for 25 years.

Many people think I’m mad throwing my hat into the fiery ring of Australian politics. Perhaps I am. But I strongly believe that now, more than ever, is the time to reset the political process and agenda in Australia.

Events in recent years, and particularly the last 12 months, have made me realise it is time to step up to a new, very different challenge. Like many others, I believe that our major parties have lost sight of why we elected them, and I have felt wave after wave of disappointment in our political system.

Plotting and backstabbing has led to a parade of ex-Prime Ministers. Internal party politics are too often the lead story when we should be totally focussed on the most important issues of our times - especially the biggest threat we have ever faced: climate change. Meaningful action must be taken on the key issues confronting our country and our region. Our elected representatives must focus on governing, not game playing.

As an Independent I am not locked in the straitjacket of party policy. I look forward to listening to YOU, as well as the experts, to formulate and champion policies that will achieve the best outcome for Hume, for Australia and for our global community.

I believe that now more than ever there is a climate for change.

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