Climate Change & Environment

  • Meaningful action and policies to stem climate change and stand up to the challenge of limiting global warming to less than 1.5°C.
  • Create a climate of certainty for investment in renewables, and introduce a target of 60% renewables by 2035. Work to ensure the electorate of Hume is positioned to benefit from investment and jobs in renewable technology.
  • An orderly and planned transition from carbon-intensive power generation. Work with affected communities to ensure they will benefit from replacement, renewable options. No large-scale new coal mines in Australia and oppose the existing Adani plan.
  • Ensure policies and real action is taken to protect and de-stress our river systems. Call for a national Royal Commission into the Murray-Darling with the potential inclusion of other ailing river systems. Without water we are without life.
  • Introduce a national policy to phase out single-use plastics in Australia. Work globally to reduce single-use plastic usage and its impact on our oceans and waterways.

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